Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lost my Wallet

Fri. 4/8/11
Hey guys I lost my wallet today on the bus. I guess it fell outta my pocket. I'm stressin out! so I lost my drivers license and both debit cards, my church and personal one. so you'll have to cancel my personal one. lucky I didn't lose any money, but I hope no one uses the card. the secretary's will transfer my balance to my companions card so I have money. sorry I know this is a pain but if you could send me a new card. I love you all very much!!!
Oh and I met Elder Whitaker today he's in my zone, he's cool.
love you

Saturday 4/9/11
That´s good that they cancelled it. I called the Secretaries and they will move my balance to my companions card and order me a new one. They told me to use the lan house and make sure that you cancelled everything...
I lost my drivers licence, but I don´t think I need it. I also lost my Brazil i.d. I think they can get a copy of that. I´ll talk to President Beynon on Tuesday, we have interviews and I´ll get a new Temple recommend.
I´m glad that it got cancelled, its been my worst fear on the mission to leave something on the bus.
My zone leaders got robbed this week the guys held up the bus with a gun and took their phones.
But Love Ya, be safe...

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Linda said...

you got one tough son!!