Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turtle Reserve by the beach

Date: April 6, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Elder Ludlow & Elder Lopes

Hey everybody!!!,This week was alright, Elder Lopes and I worked hard and found a few people to teach, but it´s still going kinda slow. We´re working with a few different families, but they don´t seem to be that promising. We´re gonna try and mark a lot of baptisms this week. We are teaching a girl named Vivian and her family. She´s probably our best investigator.

My cold went away, and my rash almost went away but it´s back. I´m gonna have to go see a dermatologist. I´ve had it for over 3 months now...    it´s still really hot here, I think that that´s the problem with the rash.

I saw that it was snowing in Salt Lake when we watched General Conference. Conference was really good. the whole thing was in Portuguese though. I really felt the spirit when President Monson spoke. I reallly like conference and I learned a lot. We should be getting the Ensign in English and Portuguese. but they usually take a while.

I´ll send a package home with Elder Thomas. I´ve got a few things together already. This week I got a letter from Dad and a card from Grandma Hall. I wrote to all of my grandparents this week.

I´m really excited for my package. I hope it gets here safe and that they don't open it or anything.

Good luck Brookie with your softball game!!!  I hope that you do great!!!

It's not bad to speak only Portuguese, I´m trying to teach Elder Lopes English.

But yeah I´m doing good minus the rash. I´m having a hard time sleeping at night cause of it, but it´s alright I only have 4 more weeks in Itaporanga. I´ll upload some pics. a member from another ward took us to this turtle reserve by the beach.

Love you guys!!!
Elder Ludlow

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