Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The work was a little rough this week

Date: June 29, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey Guys,
This week was alright, we had like 5 days of holidays, São João and the São Pedro. So yeah everyone was super drunk and partying like all week. We didn´t sleep a whole lot because of the music and everyone sets off bombs all night.

The work was a little rough this week. Thaís went out of town, so we´ll teach her next week. we also found a girl yesterday that came up and spoke with me in English, she speaks well, and she said she´ll go to our English class on Sat.Yeah we teach English. I never told you that? We teach it every Saturday at the church.

Yep, we have a new Mission President, That´s crazy. I´ll meet him on Friday. We´ll have a meeting with him.

My companion is doing good. it´s definitely different being a trainer. But I like it.
oh and I found out that Itaporanga closed. (last Area)

I'm on divisions with Elder Crapo, he's from Kaysville, Utah, My district leader. he´s awesome, you´ll see his parents at the Beynon's homecoming next week. We've become friends. We just went to the bus terminal, waiting for our bus, and all the sudden we heard shots and the window breaking of a bus driving by, then the bus stopped really fast and everyone went running out. but no one got hurt it was just a robbery. sketchy tho. I thought I´d see a dead person.

Girls camp sounds like fun, next week. I´m sure Brookie will like that. That´s great that Utah has a lot of water this year and the lake is full. How was trek? did Bubba have fun?

Sad that you are selling itchy,(Brian's 1961 Buick) he was a good ol´car. But it´d be a better idea for Brian to get a little, reliable car or truck that gets good gas mileage.

That's nuts that all the fireworks are legal this year. I hope someone doesn´t do something dumb and ruin it. here the fireworks are super dangerous. it´s like setting off dynamite in the streets.

But yeah nothing new, I took zero pics this week, sorry, next week for sure.

Love ya,

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