Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tudo Bem!

Date: June 1, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Cardoso
From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hey guys this week was really good,

We baptized a 42 year old man named Adenilson. He´s a pretty weird guy but he accepted the gospel, He´s pretty cool. We were supposed to baptize Marcelle too but she couldn’t go to church. and now she has a bunch of doubts and doesn´t really want to be baptized. but were convincing her to do it this week. she has a really strong testimony it´s just problems with the commandments.

There´s a lady in my ward that everyone in her family is a member except her, but she wants to get baptized. Well she wasn´t married just living with a guy so her and her husband got married about two weeks ago. well last week her husband got in a car crash and he died. Super sad. He died one day before the reception. so we´ve been working with her and her 8 year old daughter and we´ll baptize them a week from Saturday. I think this month we´ll have a lot of baptisms we´re working with a lot of great people.

Congrats Brian on the graduation!! I can’t believe how old we´re getting man! I can´t wait to chill with you again! Your haircut is freakin nasty man!

Hey grandma have fun at my house. I love you and I have your letter. I keep forgetting to send them!

Have fun at Oak Crest Brookie!

That sucks that your car got hit. at least you get a new bumper lol. That sucks for the girl that hit you and then split.

We´re gonna play soccer today I’m way excited I love soccer now and I’m kinda getting the hang of it.

So we´re working hard, we have plenty of people to teach, I´m eating well. So tudo bem haha (all is well)

Love you guys be good
Elder Ludlow

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