Friday, June 11, 2010

Tudo Bem !

Date: June 11, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Companion: Elder Hooke
From Ventura, California

 Hey fam. I wrote a list of everything I wanted to say but I forgot it so I hope I can remember everything. First of all to Dad...I bet it was me you saw. (Brad has been doing a job at the MTC) that is the building that my class is in. How's the roof coming? Well, Everything is pretty much the same I'm just going to classes every day. I'll try and send home a schedule so you know what I'm up too. we only play soccer if we have the later gym cause the fields are too wet if we don't. So this tuesday Elder Robert D. Hales came and spoke to us, his talk was really good. Also a kid who is here like 8 wks before me got his finger amputated yesterday. He's going to Brazil and he got hurt doing construction before the mtc. They tried to save it but it gives him headaches and stuff. But he's had his visa for a while and so he got released to go home then he'll get re set apart after 6 weeks and go straight to Brazil crazy huh? Our buddy Elder Paskett leaves on Tuesday, so there will be 13 in my district. I hope my visa comes but it doesn't look too promising. I will probably spend all of my time here in Provo. I just hope it comes before I get out of here, otherwise you stay here for up to 15 weeks and then they send you somewhere else in the U.S. till it comes. So has Brian been golfing lately? man I wish I could go golfing lol. Ughh this computer is being way dumb.. so funny story I wrote myself a letter today telling myself that I can't be a fruit cake when I get home. and I wrote a list of music and movies I like so I will remember. kinda funny huh. on the envelope it says " Do not open until may 2012" lol.. So how's Micah and Ky and Alvin doing? sounds like baseball stuff is going good. that sucks about the chickens. ( 2 died) Has Dad fired up my bike recently? I miss it so much...... Lol I miss you guys I'll try and write tonight or sometime this week. Love you all I hope the package comes today .this computer is bieng really stupid. Tell Brian to write me!!! and the other kid's. Love you all !! I'll try and find a better computer next week. Elder Ludlow

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