Friday, June 4, 2010

The first 3 days were hard!

Date: June 2, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Comapnion: Elder Hooke
From Ventura, California

Here is hand written letter I got on Wed. 6/2/10.
Hi, Today is Mem. Day so I didn't get letters if you sent them. Is Our Email working ok? I got your 3 letters. Sorry my email was so scrambled. I was in a hurry. But know that my weeks are all pretty much the same I won't have so much on my mind, so my letters should be better. Sunday's (yesterday) are weird. It seems like we do the least amount of spiritual stuff. We had lots of free time, walked around the Temple and watched church videos. It was nice compared to the hours of study we usually do. Friday is p-day so I will email and go to the Temple. I'm already a huge soccer fan, we play if we have late P.E. at like 2:30 ish cuz the fields are wet before then. How's Baseball games going? Tell Bubba one strike out in that many games is dang good. Tell Brooke the same. I Love you all. I'm doing better now and getting the hang of things. But the first 3 days were hard! I was lost and homesick. It's not like anything you could imagine here. If you can call the travel office and just ask about my visa. Tell Dad I shined my shoes and taught my district, I was the only one who knew how. Has Brian finished school yet? Tell him to have a fun summer. Send a tie clip if you can. Also Yellow Fever Card-Very Important! I Love you Mom! Be safe and know that I'm fine.
 Love , Bradley

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