Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm on week 5

Date: June 25, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Companion: Elder Hooke - 
From Ventura, California

Hey family!!! How's everyone doing? It sounds like you guys have had a fun summer! I hope you are. Are you guys giong to 7 peaks everyday? So I've written Micah, Ryan, you guys, and the Cole girls earlier this week when you got that letter. so today I'm going to get some postcards from the bookstore and send them to the grandparents. So this week is the new mission presidents convention so all Apostles and First Pres. will be there sometime this weekend, also, there is a special devotional and last year 8 out of 12 Apostles were there. other than that not much has really been going on. We've played alot of basketball in our room. (I sent him a little nerf basketball hoop that hangs on the back of a door)there's 4 of us who play and it gets kinda rough lol. We also play that ninja game sometimes. umm Elder Hooke is pretty cool it's hard having to be with someone 24-7 it takes getting used to. an elder in my district and 3 or 4 from my zone got thiers visas, but 2 Elders on week 11 got reassigned to Nashville Tennesee till thier visas come. so who knows what's going to happen...... next week we have to start teaching fully in Portuguese. I don't know how well thats going to go. the sacrament went well last Sunday! thanks for the package the cookies were good.. and thanks everyone for the letters.. it sounds like all is well.. my teacher Bro. Harward took his horses down to Beaver and Kent's lake. (That is where we go camping and hunting every year)I was way jealous!!! he said he saw a few hundred elk and way more deer, that sounded fun. so does the house look way nice? it s gonna be way different when I get back. (We are re roofing and putting a huge front porch on) no Elder Hooke doesn't hunt, yes he went to byu hawaii for a year and sold stuff at the pcc. it sounds like a cool place to go to school. how's work been for dad..? he sounded like he had fun at the big event. did bub's have fun? are the kids having a good summer? how's all of my friends? well I love you guys and miss you!!! I'm on week 5!!! be safe and be good!!! love you all!!! call the travel office and see if thier figuring out the problem??? love ya Bradley

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