Monday, June 14, 2010

Pictures from the MTC

Date: June 14, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Companion: Elder Hooke
From Ventura, California

Yay! Bradley finally sent pictures! I kept asking him for them. His companion's name is Elder Hooke from Ventura, California. He has a great view of the Provo Temple from his room. I don't know what the picture of the crazy old lady is all about ha, ha He even got a picture of Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who spoke to them last week. Doesn't he look GREAT & HAPPY!

Here's his letter
Hey Family, Sorry my email was kinda weak. The computer was being crazy! The program exited out 2 times and it kept dragging out my words. Thanks a bunch for the package, I really appreciate the stuff you guys get me! Especially the Boxers (for P.E.) and Vans. It's nice to be comfy when I actually get to wear normal clothes. I don't think I need anything else for awhile. But here's what I forgot to say in my email. 1- In Brazil they tax you on things you send into the country, for example if you send me a pair of Nike's that cost $100.00 the tax would be like upwards of $150.00 so anything over $50.00 will have a tax. So if you send me something you need to put a lower price. I guess you just write down a list of all the items and their cost. Does this make sense? If not I'll clarify. 2- My missionary mall shoes will both be worn out in like 6 months. My teacher said that they have these cheap $20.00 shoes in Brazil that last forever, so he said to have our parents keep our 2nd pair from missionary mall at home so that we have a nice pair or 2 when we get home. He said that he made the same mistake. 3- The North Eastern part of Brazil is the most poor, uneducated and third world areas. My teacher went to Jual Pessoa(Above Recife) He said that our watches and rings will probably get stolen. I'm going to find a cheap watch once I'm down there & only wear my nice one to Conferences and such. Kinda Scary Huh? You guys probably think this is funny but I'm already planning a trip to Brazil, lol, Irmao (brother) Harward is my teacher, he's been home 10 months and he wants to get a big group and go down for the World Cup Soccer in 2014. The World Cup is bigger than the Olympics in Brazil. Also the Olympics will be in Brazil in 2016. He tells stories & it makes me want to get there SO Bad! Pray for Visas! lol
3rd place is not so bad! (Brandon's baseball team took third this season) Bubs should for sure do all stars if he wants to, or take golf lessons or something. Brooke is doing summer ball? That's great! Tell them I love & miss them, tell them to draw me a picture or something. I wish I could write you guys more I have so much to say. Tell Bri and Jordan that they should go "Shoot the tube" It's a thing up by suicide rock that is a big tube with water, you get inside & block the tube off with wood behind you. then the pressure builds up & you move the wood & slide down with the wall of water. Elder Price from SLC told me about it. It sounds way fun! So Grandma & Grandpa have written a couple of times, that's been nice, so I owe all grandparents notes. and Jill & Dean wrote so I just got done with a short letter to them. How's Kevin? Well just know I Love you so much. I think about you all day. I'll try & get you a copy of my schedule ASAP. Tell the kids to be good and stay out of trouble. I Love you all. Tudo Bem (They say that alot it's a greeting) Peace! Elder Ludlow


The Ludlow Family said...

At the end of the day they are still just 19 year old boys :)

Jodi Ludlow said...

That's true! I'm so happy that he's making friends and doing good!

Lym said...

It look's like he's having a good time. That's awesome!

Linda said...

GOOD, he got our letters. Nice of him to say he did and that, in itself, is like writing us, because of the excellent blog with pictures. P days are so busy and he needs time to write to you way more. He looks and and sounds great!! What pictures!!! Guys that age are so good at having fun.We laughed out loud at the "LONG tie picture! Missionaries have rules, so they have to be extra creative in finding fun and funny things to do do . SO GOOD for them in making friendships and memories forever. Just look at him .
THANKS, JODI , FOR DOING THIS AND GIVING US THE HEADS UP ON CHECKING THE BLOG TODAY. I know we will look at it lots - such a letter and awesome pictures. Aww- he thinks about you all all day. I guess that is what love is.
Love , Grandpa and Grandma Linda

Mark Gafkay said...